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AFP screen protector for all of laptops

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[Healing shield] Clear type and Anti finger print (AFP) olephobic screen protector

  1. Shows Clean resolution by excellent transmissivity which is closed to optical devices
  2. Prevent from fingerprint, oil and dust
  3. AFP films are composed of protective film & AFP coating & PET base film & Remover coating.
  4. High clear, soft touch, Easy to attach, Anti-finger print, Anti Rainbow Phenomenon
  5. We would highly recommend AFP if you are getting bother from finger print and oil.

We have below models


HP -1000, 650, ENVY X2, ENVY14, ENVY14 SPECTRE, ENVY14 SPECTRE Top, ENVY15(J101TX), ENVY4, ENVY6, PAVILION 14-b007tu, PAVILION 14-b022tx, PAVILION 14-b033tu, PAVILION 14-N266TX, PAVILION DV4, PAVILION DV6, PAVILION G6, Spectre13(3005TU), Split X2, Elitebook 850, Chromebook11, Pavilion 15(N049TU), ProBook 4310S, ProBook 450, ProBook 4540S

MSI- A617A, GE60, GE70, GS70, GT60, GX60-A10 Racer

Gigabyte - Classic Q2442, P25, P2542G, P2742, P34, P35, U2440N, U2442F , PadBook S1185

Dell- New XPS 15(9530), Precision M6700, XPS 18 Touch, Inspirion 17 7000, Inspirion R15

Toshiba - Portege Z10t-A

Lenovo - M490(S), ThinkPad S440, ThinkPad T520, ThinkPad X1 Carbon touch, ThinkPad X240, ThinkPad Edge E130, ThinkPad Edge E430, ThinkPad Edge E431, ThinkPad Edge E435, ThinkPad Edge E440, Think pad T440, Think pad T440P, Think pad T540P, Think pad Yoga Tablet S240, Idea Pad S310, Idea Pad S405, Idea Pad S410, Idea Pad Z510, Idea Pad Flex14, Essential G510, Yoga Tablet2 Pro

Samsung - Sens NP300E5C, , Sens NPRF510, Sens NP300E5C, Sens NP300E5E, Sens NP300V5, Sens NP301E5C, Sens NP305V5, Sens NP355V5C, Sens NP370R4E, Sens NP370R5E, Sens NP530U3Series, Sens NP530U4 Series, Sens NP535U4C, Sens NP540U3C, Sens NP550P5C, Sens NP570Z5E, Sens NP700Z5A, Sens NP700Z5A Series, Sens NP700Z5C, Sens NP770, Sens NP770Z5E, Sens NP900X3 Series, Sens R522, ATIV Book2 NP270E5E, ATIV Book2 NP270E5R, ATIV Book4 NP450R4E, ATIV Book4 NP450R5E, ATIV Book4 NP450R5G, ATIV Book5 NP550P7C, ATIV Book6 NP670Z5E, ATIV Book7 NP730U3E, ATIV Book8 NP870Z5G, ATIV Book9 2014 Edition NP930X5J, ATIV Book9 Lite NP905S3G, ATIV Book9 Lite NP905S3T, ATIV Book9 Lite NP910S3G, ATIV Book9 Lite NP915S3G, ATIV Book9 NP900X3F, ATIV Book9 NP900X3G, ATIV Book9 NP900X4 Series, ATIV Book9 Plus NP940X3G, ATIV Book9 Style NP910S5J, ATIV Tab3 XQ300TZC, ATIV Tab5 XQ500T1C, ATIV Tab7 XQ700T1C

Sony - VAIO FIT 11A multi-flip PC(SVF11N), , VAIO FIT 15A multi-flip PC(SVF15N), VAIO FIT14 SVF14Series, VAIO FIT15 SVF15Series, VAIO SVE11, VAIO SVE14137, VAIO SVE14A25, VAIO SVE15, VAIO SVE17135, VAIO SVS13, VAIO SVS15, VAIO SVT11113, VAIO SVT11115, VAIO SVT13125, VAIO SVT13126, VAIO SVT13127, VAIO SVZ13115, VAIO VGN-ZSeries, VAIO VPCCB37, VAIO Duo11, VAIO Duo13, VAIO Tab11(SVT11), VAIO Pro11, VAIO Pro13

Asus - K55, S300C, TAICHI21 Internal Screen, TAICHI21 External Screen, UX21, UX31E, UX32, X301A, X552CL

Apple - MacBookAir 11in', , MacBookAir 11in' Haswell, MacBookAir 13in', MacBookAir 13in' Haswell, MacBookPro 13in', MacBookPro 15in', MacBookPro 17in', MacBookPro Retina 13in', MacBookPro Retina 13in' Haswell, MacBookPro Retina 15in', MacBookPro Retina 15in' Haswell

Acer - Aspire P3, Aspire R7, Aspire S7-191, Aspire S7-391, Aspire S7-392, Aspire V3-571G

Wacom - Cintiq 13HD, Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Wacom Cintiq Companion(13HD DTH-W1300)